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Jones’ division recently commissioned a comprehensive survey of 3,012 women veterans. The study was conducted online in January and outcomes were announced March 22; among them was the revelation that almost 40 % of the respondents were dissatisfied with the MST screening procedure utilized at VA medical services. ‘This legislation might not address dissatisfaction with the MST screening procedure directly, but perhaps the debate over it’ll shine a spotlight on this presssing issue and other related matters,’ Jones said. Klobuchar’s expenses has been referred to the Senate Armed Providers Committee for discussion.‘The vaccine was almost certainly used through the entire Soviet bloc and most likely exported to China, Japan and several countries in Africa. That means hundreds of thousands could have been exposed to SV40 after 1963,’ the report said. Contradictory data In refuting statements that SV40 in polio vaccines might have been responsible for some cancers, the Children’s Medical center of Philadelphia states that SV40 was also ‘within cancers of individuals who either got or had not received the polio vaccine that was contaminated with SV40’ [ In addition, CHOP notes, ‘people with cancers who had been born after SV40 was no longer a contaminant of the polio vaccine had been found to have evidence for SV40 within their cancerous cells.’ ‘Taken together, these findings usually do not support the hypothesis that SV40 virus within polio vaccines administered before 1963 cause cancers.