With benefits preserved over 8 months.

In this randomised managed trial, 297 sufferers with a confirmed diagnosis of depressive disorder were recruited from 55 general methods in Bristol, London, and Warwickshire. The principal end result was recovery from melancholy at 4 months. The researchers found that 113 individuals in the intervention group and 97 in the control group completed 4-month follow-up. The authors conclude: ‘The number of patients for whom on-line CBT is feasible and appealing will grow.’ Paper: Therapist-delivered internet psychotherapy for depressive disorder in primary treatment: a randomised managed trial by David Kessler, Glyn Lewis, Surinder Kaur, Nicola Wiles, Michael King, Scott Weich, Debbie J Sharp, Ricardo Araya, Sandra Hollinghurst, Tim J Peters The Lancet Vol 374 August 22, 2009..People relative to Regulation S beneath the Securities Act.

CTI announces excellent results from Stage I-II pixantrone combination study against INHL Cell Therapeutics, Inc. announced the publication of outcomes posted in the online journal of Malignancy of a Phase I-II study that evaluated the safety and efficacy of pixantrone when used in combination with fludarabine, dexamethasone and rituximab changing mitoxantrone in the typical FND-R program with FPD-R among 28 sufferers with relapsed or refractory indolent non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma . The Phase I-II research results demonstrated that the FPD-R regimen was extremely active in patients with relapsed or refractory INHL and created total responses in 63 percent of patients with a standard response rate of 89 percent.