Which provides 3-D pictures of the heart.

CT coronary angiography can diagnose coronary artery disease Usage of computed tomography coronary angiography, which provides 3-D pictures of the heart, in conjunction with standard care allows doctors to more accurately diagnose coronary artery disease in sufferers presenting with chest pain, therefore, leading to more appropriate follow-up remedies and testing, according to research presented at the American University of Cardiology's 64th Annual Scientific Session. Data also showed a trend toward a lesser incidence of heart episodes among the mixed group receiving the tests, known as CT scans, compared to usual treatment. Many people presenting with angina–a indicator of coronary artery disease–end up struggling a cardiac event within a couple of years and need timely intervention precio propecia 2012 .


CSS enhances ChefTec Online Nutritional Evaluation Service The Online Nutritional Analysis Program from Culinary Software Providers has been enhanced to add the USDA National Nutrient Database for Regular Reference 23 release. The ChefTec Online Nutritional Analysis Service gives immediate access to nutrition data. It has become especially important because so many says and towns are mandating that nutritional information be available for menu items.’.