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The national government is becoming, essentially, the enforcement branch of corporate America. Just about any significant new rules passed by Congress is structured in alignment with the wishes of America’s most powerful corporations. That is no coincidence. Can Ron Paul save our country?There’s only one person in the running for another presidential election who even includes a shot at reversing this, and that is Ron Paul. But actually if he were to get elected, he’d be walking right into a quagmire of politics, corruption, back-door criminal and dealing conspiracy at the highest levels. Still, Ron Paul may be the best chance we have at this time at anything resembling honest authorities.Sufferers receiving the same regimen. Half of japan individuals survived one year, versus only slightly greater than a third of the American sufferers. The longer survival in the Japanese group was especially striking because those patients needed to be given a lower dose of paclitaxel due to toxicity. Even with the low dose, japan patients were able to total fewer cycles of the chemotherapy program, and some relative unwanted effects were more severe. The U.S. Sufferers received 225-milligram dosages of paclitaxel; the Japanese individuals received 200-milligram doses. Earlier phase I studies of paclitaxel in the U.S. And Japan set these as the maximum tolerated doses for each human population. Related StoriesMD Anderson research reveals why chemotherapy medicines not effective for most pancreatic cancer patientsVA Medical center performs first effective heated chemotherapy bath on a patient with mesotheliomaHBV DNA amounts guidebook antiviral treatment in chemotherapy settingDespite the reduced dose, only one in four of the Japanese individuals finished three cycles of the paclitaxel-carboplatin regimen, versus completely of the U.S.