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A variety of methods for the manufacture of patented digoxin from Digitalis lanata with using natural enzymes are currently available. However, this patented process , a number of major shortcomings ici . The most important of them , says Galina Mikhailovna Komissarova is low stability of the fermentation due to the quality of plant resources. Secondly, toxic and explosive solvents costly materials are procedures procedures. Also have a plurality of technological performed purification steps in order to obtain the final drug, it is designed to laborious process. – During the project realization the developers from the State Scientific Centre State Research Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology succeeded in avoiding all the above defects, due completely new techniques of growing, picking, drying and storing Digitalis lanata. The plant raw materials are obtained from a stable and high content of highly active enzymes. The technique of preparation of digoxin by enzymatic degradation in aqueous media at 45oC was developed, the method starting completely unhindered. To the subsequent extraction and purification steps.

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Reducing the solar radiation by geoengineering schemes are achieved. :: the so-called ‘parasol ‘geoengineering regulation reduction reduce of climate change carried purposely manipulation of the solar radiation on the earth, that other category distance atmospheric CO 2 and sequestering the terrestrial of vegetation, sea or deep geologic formations.

But a new study of Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, conducted from atmospheric scientist Govindasamy Bala that these intentional manipulations the solar radiation could also lead a less intense global hydrological cycle. Decreasing surface temperatures through ‘geoengineering ‘might also mean less rainfall.