These data were lately published online ahead of print in The Journal of Urology.

Specifically, the research demonstrates the combination of AR-42 and cisplatin synergistically kills bladder cancers cells through apoptosis and influences tumor development and differentiation in vivo. This synergistic effect may improve the efficacy and general response rate of cisplatin also, and allow for a lesser dosage, resulting in lower toxicities in patients potentially. Furthermore, when examined on specific bladder cancers stem cell populations , AR-42 showed higher efficacy, with and without cisplatin. Alex Zukiwski, MD, CEO of Arno Therapeutics, commented: These email address details are encouraging and, although early, establish preclinical proof that AR-42 may have potential in conjunction with cisplatin-centered chemotherapy in the treatment of bladder cancer.And by the way, who says thoughts are stored in the mind? Who says brain may be the same thing as mind? Professor Persinger has published during his long career widely. He’s created papers on telepathy, remote viewing, and the induction of spiritual experiences through electromagnetic stimulation. This last area of research is particularly significant. It reveals the neuroscience bias toward assuming all ‘non-scientific’ experience comes from physiological causes. In other words, everything we do, believe, feel, or say is grounded in the physical completely.