There is a high unmet need for new medicines to treat relapsed and refractory ALL sufferers.

About ALL Acute lymphoblastic leukemia can be an aggressive malignancy of the bloodstream and bone marrow – the spongy tissue inside bones where blood cells are made. The disease progresses rapidly and affects immature blood cells, rather than mature types. Worldwide, ALL accounts for more than 12 % of leukemia. Of the 42,000 people diagnosed world-wide, 31,000 will die from the condition. Patients with ALL have unusual white bloodstream cells that audience out healthy white bloodstream cells, red blood platelets and cells, leading to infection, anemia , easy bleeding and significant side effects.‘GeneSight Psychotropic 2.0 now includes recently approved FDA medications, a new gene polymorphism, and easy-to-understand information to help categorize individual psychotropic medications.’ GeneSight can be a unique pharmacogenomic treatment decision support item that checks for clinically important genetic variants affecting a individual's response to psychiatric medications. Prescribing a medication program that is more likely to achieve success because it is customized to an individual individual's genetic profile can help the clinician better manage the patient's disease and improve individual outcomes.