The targeted cancer drug cetuximab.

– ‘We have identified the first effective medical therapy for this disease,’said Robert Coffey, Patients withfessor of Cancer Research and the paper ‘s senior author.. The targeted cancer drug cetuximab, brand name Erbitux, relieved symptoms of severe M n trier ‘s disease in seven patients who completed a one – month treatment? Four of them showed nearly complete remission, the Vanderbilt researchers report in the 25th November issue of the journal Science Translational Medicine.

The current study included nine patients who are considering gastrectomy were. Two patients discontinued the study, but the rest experienced significant relief of symptoms within hours or days after beginning treatment. All seven continued taking the drug after the month-long trial ended.Most G6PD activity in infected erythrocyte due to the parasitic form of enzyme may . The researchers wanted to connections that block the parasite without having the enzyme of identifying the human form of , as the parasite lives in blood samples of malaria -infected people. – Bode said: ‘We did not want human human form of enzyme may and risk of potential adverse reactions. ‘.