The research was supported by Gavan Fitzsimons.

The research was supported by Gavan Fitzsimons, professor of marketing and psychology at Duke ‘s Fuqua School of Business, and Andrea Morales, an assistant professor of marketing at Arizona State WP Carey School of Business conducted. The results in May 2007 in May 2007, Journal of Marketing Research.

In all cases, products that touched or rested against disgusting products less appealing than products that were at least an inch of the disputed products. The effect was sustained. Participants asked more than an hour after the observation of the products, how much they wanted to try a cookie less likely to want it if the package of cookies had been in contact with a package of sanitary napkins.Stage 1 Trial styleThe data were presented in patients with locally recurrent or metastatic given given imetelstat through two hour intravenous infusion on days one, eight to 15 of the 28 days cycles of treatment dosage at mg of. / space m2 begun on 375 mg/m2 of and escalate did.