The rare but fatal condition known as sudden death syndrome dominates the news.

Cardiologist pioneers new test to detect sudden death syndrome in young athletes When a high school athlete dead, the rare but fatal condition known as ‘sudden death syndrome’ dominates the news. For reasons that remain a mystery to scientists, some young athletes – specifically young males – begin to experience a unique heart arrhythmia. With over-exertion, their hearts quit pumping, resulting in sudden death . Until now, screening for the hard-to-detect syndrome provides been prohibitively expensive.

Scores and reduced language abilities. As medical regimens and surgical techniques have advanced, newer studies have found milder neurological problems or regular neurological outcomes, but long-term outcomes remain a concern. Likewise, adults with acquired heart disease possess suffered adverse neurological outcomes after medical procedures with CPB sometimes. In today’s study, researchers compared 41 pediatric heart patients who underwent CPB to a control group receiving non-heart-related medical procedures without CPB. Neurological and developmental testing were performed fourteen days before and half a year after surgery in both combined groups.