The leaders of Great Britain appear to be losing their minds.

British government surveilling 3-year-olds for ‘extremism’ while defending pedophile elitists Increasingly, the leaders of Great Britain appear to be losing their minds, further demonstrating that they seem not capable of distinguishing great, moral open public policy from poor check the whole info . As noted at Liberty Blitzkrieg, the British federal government has essentially released a battle on toddlers with the execution of a policy targeted at forcing nursery college teachers to recognize extremist kids to the government. Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg wrote back in January of the rising insanity behind Britain’s method of combating terrorism.

British girl Payne to encourage hair thinning friends willing to shave heade Maybe friends should have noticed this news: a 14-year-older named Payne British gal to comfort and support for treatment of brain tumors and an excellent friend of losing hair, himself a lovely hair cut mainly, has become a a ‘bald lady.’ Visible friendship between them is quite deep, Payne offers such courage is really admirable, and therefore Payne was friends referred to as ‘the most amazing girl.’ We’ve very good compliment for the friendship between friends often, but really can purchase his friends in true to life is not a lot, we can say that she is lucky, to have such a good friend. Payne’s friends this season is 12 years old, when at age seven, was diagnosed with cancer, and due to the lost a mind of show locks like she underwent radiotherapy the hair thinning condition is normally pathological hair loss, was caused by a disease.