Thats really what began our evaluation and why we eventually chosen CLC bio.

CLC bio’s enterprise system for Next Generation Sequencing data analysis, CLC Genomics Server, has been awarded the Greatest of Display prize at the Bio-IT World Meeting & Expo 2009 – an award judged by a team of Bio-IT World magazine editors and leading skillfully developed.. CCCB selects CLC bio’s enterprise platform for next generation sequence analysis After an intensive head-to-head evaluation against various competing solutions, the guts for Cancer Computational Biology at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute has selected CLC bio’s enterprise platform for next generation sequence analysis.The ‘deteriorating with age group’ myth dismantledThe metaphor of your body being some type of a machine that wears out through make use of is quite prominent in the Western medical tradition. It’s an extremely deceptive metaphor, as I’ve described, but it’s one which is practical to people since it appears intuitive. People think, ‘Your body is a couple of parts, the parts rub together plus they wear out. ‘ This is a thing that some surgeons and doctors depend on to convince visitors to submit with their procedures.