That will enable the board to improve the true number of instances being decided.

Shinseki announced the addition of four brand-new Veterans Rules Judges to the Panel of Veterans’ Appeals , that will enable the board to improve the true number of instances being decided. ‘Veterans have gained the proper to prompt, exhaustive and professional overview of their promises for benefits,’ Secretary Shinseki stated. ‘This growth of BVA will enable Veterans to get even more expeditious decisions on the appeals.’ BVA can be an appeals body to which Veterans, their dependents or their survivors can move if they are not content with decisions about promises for benefits administered by the Division of Veterans Affairs .‘In light of everything which has happened. We can’t go through our day to day lives honoring symbols of hate, symbols of separation and symbols of segregation right now,’ he said, echoing comparable sentiment by other supporters who are echoing a narrative that, because a single, young, drug-influenced white man gunned down nine dark worshippers in a Charleston church recently, everything linked with the Confederacy must be eliminated from open public watch. All while ignoring various other glaring hypocrisies, such as Amazon’s decision to continue selling hate in the form of Nazi symbols and memorabilia. The decision to ban all things Confederate itself has historic roots – in Nazi Germany, of all accepted places, where book burnings and other forms of limiting expression and speech, along with memory-holing historical events, took place.