Supporting technologies consist of: Glucose monitoring tattoos, smart pills that send out notifications when swallowed, an artificial pancreas for diabetics and artificial retinas for blind patients. 4. Re.. CSC’s Leading Edge Forum: Disruptive technologies to reshape delivery of healthcare CSC’s Leading Edge Forum today released a report that identifies a new wave of disruptive systems which will reshape the delivery of health care. These new technologies will help control costs while improving health by ushering within an era of wellness, self-monitoring, increased and earlier recognition of disease, and more effective treatments.Specifically, it works successfully against reactive oxygen species , the hydroxyl radical and harmful aldehydes that are produced due to the peroxidation of cell membrane fatty acids. This is especially essential because they are two of the more harmful free radicals to neutralize. Carnosine is the strongest defense against the process of glycation. Glycation consists of the non-enzymatically coordinated bonding of a sugar molecule with the protein or lipid. This creates sticky proteins and oxidized body fat that both become potent free radicals known as advanced glycolytic enzymes .