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Based on the responses from the skiers in regards to what they sensed functioned well and less well, researchers completed a field study in Trondheim involving another band of eight highly-qualified skiers in order to study primary and skin temperature ranges under simulated competition conditions. They found that especially the hands, thighs and upper body were subject to over-cooling. Cold laboratory The next phase was to handle a more substantial study at SINTEF's Work Physiology lab involving individuals from the cross-country skiers group at NTNUI.For example, a University of Louisville study discovered that young children who snored loudly and frequently were much more likely to possess lower grades in middle college – even several years after the breathing issue was treated or resolved. ‘These two new studies point to the necessity for parents and pediatricians to become on the watch out for what might look like less serious difficulty in breathing in their babies and small children when they sleep,’ notes Hunt. ‘If we are able to identify these children prior to the results on mental development have occurred, the task then will be to identify possible ways to intervene and stop any reduced prospect of doing their finest in school.’ Researchers have not yet determined secure and efficient ways to decrease cardiorespiratory episodes in infants.