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The American Academy of Sleep Medicine reports that most adults want seven to eight hours of nightly rest to experience alert and well rested throughout the day. The authors also observed that it is unclear why the mortality risk was increased in males but not in women. One explanation may be that the mean follow-up duration was 3.6 years shorter for women than for men, and the sample of women had fewer deaths than the men . Preliminary outcomes were presented June 8, 2009, at Rest 2009, the 23rd annual conference of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies LLC ..Two individuals who withdrew consent through the first week of dosing for factors unrelated to ANA598 are excluded from the evaluation of antiviral response but included in the safety database. Reported antiviral response data is really as of week 4. Reported security data is as of an interim evaluation date which was reached soon after the last enrolled individual completed a month of dosing, and contains info through week 4 for all patients plus details subsequent to week 4 for all those patients who had earlier enrollment dates. Supply Anadys Pharmaceuticals, Inc.. American Urological Association, AACU announce establishment of new agreement for UROPAC Today, the American Urological Association and the American Association of Clinical Urologists announced the establishment of a fresh contract for UROPAC, the just political action committee focused on the interests of the country’s urologists.