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New evidence that fat cells are not just dormant storage sheds for caloriesare researchers report new evidence that pooches the fatty tissue in the spare tire and lower belly – far from being a dormant storage for surplus calories – an active organ that is sends chemical signals to other parts of the body, perhaps making. Risk of heart attack, cancer and other diseases They report the discovery of 20 new hormones and other substances not previously known to be by human by human fat cells and fat fat secretes dozens of hormones and other chemical messengers. Their study appears in ACS monthly journal of Proteome Research..

The scientists identified 80 different proteins These include the fat cells. These include six new proteins and 20 proteins not previously detected in human fat cells. The findings could pave the way for a better understanding of of the role that hormone-secreting fat cells in heart disease, diabetes and other diseases play.‘The announcement means explorer ‘can be begin the agreed immediately Million project, a day’s work record repairing corrupt the heart tissue and grown new brain cells. Stem cell stem cell cash has afterwards this winter, by funding from the economic – pulses package ‘(Neergaard.. The Associated Press / Philadelphia Inquirer:. ‘President Obama raised his eight years restrictions for this master cells of last spring But $ 21,000-and – counting to new projects have been on ice until that National Institute of Health determine from hundreds of hundreds of group consisting stem cell lines to use ethically justifiable.