Ontario-wide Natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina.

Cameron, Ph.D., President of the Inclusive Preparedness Center, located in Washington D.C, and person in the IEPC Steering Committee. Within an emergency situation, people who have disabilities should not need to be concerned about barriers that may prevent them from obtaining the help they want. This partnership will help shelter staff and volunteers break down barriers and offer critical services to folks of all capabilities, stated Madeleine Meilleur, Ontario Minister of Public and Community Services.The same system is used to alert all instantly in the case of an emergency. We were looking for a way to further improve staff morale and cohesion, and it was found by us. Netpresenter includes a huge effect on improving employee fulfillment, morale and on creating a feeling of community, stated Eric Sommer, senior writer & editor at The Brooklyn Hospital Center. It is easy to find why Netpresenter is indeed popular amongst staff. Everyone wants to be known for work very well done.