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Additional studies are being executed in NEW YORK and Krakow, Poland. The Center’s prior research findings have shown that contact with air pollutants are associated with an increase in risk for developmental delays among children living in New York City. Today’s findings donate to a further knowledge of how air pollution impacts child health.. Closing coal-fired power plant life directly improves cognitive advancement in children Closing coal-fired power plant life can have a direct, positive impact on children’s cognitive development and health according to a report released simply by the Columbia Middle for Children’s Environmental Health at Columbia University’s Mailman Classes of Public Health.Cancer is named based on the kind of cell growth, and the organ or body component which it affects. Conventional ways of treating malignancy are: – medical procedures, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone immunotherapy and therapy. Modern medicine will be able to deal with or control most the cancers seen currently, however, a complete treatment is probably not possible in a substantial %age of these affected; and side-results of therapy, and recurrence, are major complications. The most important stage in any serious illness is ‘prevention’.