Notes:Other authors include Emelia J

Notes:Other authors include Emelia J. Benjamin, Kathy Berra, NP; Judy L . Bezanson, CNS – MS; Rowena J. MHS, Donald M. Lloyd-Jones, Kristin Newby Ileana L. Leslee J. And Dong Zhao, author details are on the manuscript.

Fight Despite a growing body of clinical evidence of heart disease and stroke in women, more is needed, Mosca said. Death from coronary heart disease in women dropped by two-thirds from 1980 to 2007, what. Both effective treatment and risk factor reduction, according to the American Heart Association, but cardiovascular disease still kills about one woman every minute in the United States.

To 10.000 liters relief supplies to El SalvadorThe donations, with $ 110,000 existed ::.

* seventy hygiene kits with material for personal hygiene and water purifier. – ‘This donation is a first step in the continued support of the United Nations, of Government and the people on El Salvador by National Secretariat for to Family, support for children and their families moving been affected by this disaster,’reiterated of the representative of UNICEF of El Salvador, Miriam de Figueroa.