Northern California Cancer Center.

Esther M. Northern California Cancer Center, Fremont, California, and team examined the prevalence of BRCA1 mutations among African American, Asian American and Hispanic women – all had breast cancer. They were non-Hispanic white women compared with and without Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry ancestry. The patients, all of whom were under 65 at diagnosis at the Northern California site of the Breast Cancer Family Registry enrolled in 1996-2005.

prevalence of pathogenic BRCA1 mutation carriers in 5 U.S. Racial / ethnic groups Esther M. Ph.D.;. Alexander Miron, PhD, Gail Gong, PhD, Amanda I. MPH; Anna Felberg, MS, Frederick P. MD, PhD, Dee W., Alice S. Whittemore, PhD JAMA. 2007, 298 :2869 – 2876th Click here.‘I’m not ashamed, down the stairs something else while down the stairs , but I’ve noticed that me obviously no two things at once, ‘she said.