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His organization, Bay Alarm Medical is certainly a respected provider of house medical alert monitoring. One client stated she was prompted to press a switch to talk with a live product sales representative. When she asked to find out more about the service, the salesperson refused to solution questions until she decided to provide personal info within a ‘qualification procedure.’ ‘That's an enormous crimson flag: anyone who receives a contact like that should hang up the phone immediately,’ Wu stresses. ‘No legitimate business would ever cold contact potential clients and anticipate them to share private information before explaining the merchandise or service on offer. The Medical Alarm Monitoring Association is normally following a issue closely and lately submitted an alert on its Site.Mr. Caldwell will be delivering a presentation titled, ‘The Evolving Parameters of Individual Longevity: Biotech Perspectives on the Ability of Medical Technology to improve the Individual Lifespan.’ Mr. Caldwell is definitely expected to discuss key elements in the extension of human longevity so far, and specifically the influence that the field of Regenerative Medicine and the Company’s technology platform could have on extending quality of life later on.. Caldwell, IV discussed important elements on extension of human longevity in 7th Insurance Linked Securities Summit Advanced Cell Technology, Inc.