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J8 2009 Read more about globally, and read the latest statements,ICT-unoCellular Therapeutics Announces Key Patent Application filing in connection with cancer Stem Cell TechnologyImmunoCellular Therapeutics, Ltd. , a biotechnology company, today announced the filing of a provisional U.S yellow tablet read more . Patent application relating to its novel vaccine technology targeting cancer stem cells. The patent application relates to new peptide candidates that significantly the potential target patient population for the company expand cancer stem cell vaccine product, ICT – 121. Many cancer treatments are used by their ability to only patients with certain human leukocyte antigen types is limited. The identification of novel peptides for use in IMUC vaccine should enable the use of IMUC the product candidate in patients with many different HLA types. The company currently has 25 patents issued or pending. This application supports our broad and growing portfolio of intellectual property ICT-121 is an immunotherapy that targets the cancer stem cells. Vaccine. Very exciting approach given the product ‘s mission of destroying cancer cells at their roots, and the proven ability to to be in preclinical studies aimed too high for the destruction of cancer cells, said Manish Singh, President and Chief Executive Officer of IMUC. This product can applicability to multiple types of cancer, but our first clinical target will be glioblastoma. Filing filing an Investigational New Drug application for the next quarter to begin a Phase I clinical trial of ICT-121. .

This year, 32 young people from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Great Britain and the USA will be joined by a team of four young people each from Brazil, Egypt, Mexico and South Africa.

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