Its not cancer or heart disease.

America’s universities rapidly collapsing into isolated enclaves of twisted vocabulary lunacy A fatal disease is definitely ravaging America’s universites and colleges. No, it’s not cancer or heart disease, but severe liberalism and the abandonment of most decency and good sense pills . The gender classifications of male, female and actually transgender are apparently no longer more than enough in this New American Culture as a whole new program of gender-neutral – – and, for all purposes and intents, definitely meaningless – – gender pronouns are actually turning up on college sign up forms to coddle the masses of brain-broken American youth who evidently can’t even properly classify their very own sex organs.

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America’s MEDICAL HEALTH INSURANCE Plans launches marketing campaign in Ohio for nationwide universal health America’s Health Insurance Plans on Tuesday launched a fresh grassroots campaign designed ‘to build support for workable health care reform predicated on core concepts shared by the American people: protection, affordability, quality, value, portability and choice,’ the business said, CQ HealthBeat reports. The nationwide ‘Advertising campaign for an American Remedy’ began with a public achieving in Columbus, Ohio, between uninsured AHIP and citizens President and CEO Karen Ignagni. ‘It was very important to get out of Washington to hear what rank-and-file folks are saying,’ Ignagni stated. According to a release, AHIP’s plan includes expanding Medicaid to all low-income, uninsured U.S.