Initiates Ferret Testing expectancy Positive Results for Avian Flu Vaccine StudyCytoGenix.

CYDBA507 has been shown that up to 95 percent effective in some tests.. Studies. Initiates Ferret Testing expectancy Positive Results for Avian Flu Vaccine StudyCytoGenix, announced that the process of testing CytoGenix novel liner DNA technology launched on ferrets, with the expectations of a positive result, promoting the development of the vaccine. I expect the same if not better results in this new round of tests as our mouse test expects that the final result will be a significant advantage for the shareholders of CytoGenix – with CytoGenix previously reported positive results of an animal study where mice CYDBA507 the CytoGenix avian influenza vaccine candidates that have been immunized protected against lethal challenge with avian influenza virus.

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