In addition to Bordi

In addition to Bordi, David Cranage, associate professor of hospitality management, Penny Kris-Etherton, distinguished professor of nutritional sciences and Megan Small, research scientist at the Prevention Research Center for the promotion of Human Development, all at Penn State are part of the project read more .

Is currently a diagnosis of cancer, and the decision as to which treatment is based on the prescription of the histology ,, With the ability to, the expression of only one or two biomarkers inside the patient’s tumor. More biomarkers mapped and enable viewed together in one slide, GE researchers built a prototype system, color, wash and re – stain tissue samples for study under a digital microscope. The system combines image analysis of cancer cells and structures with GE patented visualization tools a color map a color map of multiple protein concentrations in the sample. With the ability to visually depict cancer in this way, GE is hopeful that critical information can be discovered about the disease, previously hidden from view.

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For the record, the three negative lifestyle factors were:overweight is a regular smoker is not do enough physical activity The study revealed that the teenage all three the negative lifestyle factors, 55 percent did frequent headaches. 25 percent of those with any of the adverse lifestyle factors did recurring headache.