Group calls on Zimbabwe Ministry of Health access to PEP Under Attack Survivors.

.. Group calls on Zimbabwe Ministry of Health access to PEP Under Attack Survivors, Health Workers IncreaseThe Zimbabwe Women Resource Centre Network last week in the country called Ministry of Health and Child Welfare to provide access to post-exposure prophylaxis in an effort to curbing the spread of HIV increase nationwide, the Herald / reports. The group called on the Ministry of Health to take a cross-sectoral approach to PEP more widely to groups such as sexual assault survivors. ZWRCN program officer Sylvia Shekede said that hindered lack of coordination in the distribution of antiretroviral therapy to access PEP. We are on the relevant Ministry of strategies formulated for everyone, age age and fairly cried, Shekede added: Some organizations that support victims of rape care for the children under the age of 16 years only.

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