Governor backs Medicaid expansion under health law Gov.

Ariz. Governor backs Medicaid expansion under health law Gov sildenafil en generico here . The Associated Press: Arizona Gov. Opts For Federal government Medicaid Expansion Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said Mon she plans to drive for an expansion of the state's Medicaid program beneath the federal health care laws, a surprising decision that could have an impact on other Republican governors weighing an identical decision. Brewer has opposed the federal health care law known as the Affordable Treatment Act, citing worries over a potential overreliance on federal funding . Arizona Republic/USA Today: Ariz. Governor Opts To Expand Medicaid The Republican governor's decision, long awaited by lawmakers and health-care experts and opposed by many in the GOP, would bring the state an additional $7.9 billion in federal funds over four years to revive and broaden the state's health-care insurance program to around 300,000 low-income residents, based on the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association .