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From using recent breakthroughs in University of Colorado, lung cancer program, its their data cheaper. And Camidge argue model, pricing on of molecular profiling tests and politics, who and how to screen abnormalities should be weighed or treat many different types of cancer can be delayed. They propose two ways Molecular profiling will be cheaper pharmacy . First, doctors could recommend for testing purposes only, some patients in search of certain key clinical factors that affect the chances of a patient having a specific molecular abnormality is based increase in their tumor. The downside is that some positive patients missed when they to be not fit a classic stereotype. Second, either the cost of the test for each individual molecular profiling abnormality for each patient are reduced or so or so combined tests, physicians can simultaneously perform several different anomalies to consider a lower price can be combined. – ‘We believe that the only way to defeat cancer, a move away from one-size – fits-all model,’said Camidge. ‘In order to do this, these breakthroughst every person as an individual. But if we did not think about the costs of this approach how to how to address them, these breakthroughs never reach their true potential.

In a paper in the British Journal from Cancer, published health economist Adam Atherly, of the Colorado School of Public Health and oncologist D. Ross Camidge, of the University of Colorado Cancer Center, arguing the cost profiling cancer patients for specific molecular abnormalities to be considered. This type of molecular profiling is increasingly used to determine who benefit most from a variety of cancer agents. In addition, many new drugs are cancer patients with cancer patients with specific molecular subtypes of the disease. Many of these initial breakthroughs happened in lung cancer, In recent yearsdisease in many different sub – disease on the molecular level is expected to expand in the majority of cancer medicine in the coming years. In recent years, we have the practice of performing very sophisticated molecular testing on the tumors of patients with lung cancer we see championed We then use this information to direct patients to the most appropriate targeted treatment for their cancer, said Camidge, CU Cancer Center researcher researcher and Director of the Thoracic Oncology clinical program at the University of Colorado Hospital .

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