Eisai complete lorcaserin NDA end-of-review ending up in FDA Arena Pharmaceuticals.

Arena, Eisai complete lorcaserin NDA end-of-review ending up in FDA Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Eisai Inc best male enhancement pills here . Announced today the completion of an end-of-review ending up in the united states Food and Drug Administration for the lorcaserin New Drug Application . ‘The meeting discussions reinforce our placement that we have a path forward to seek FDA acceptance of lorcaserin,’ said Jack Lief, Arena’s President and CEO. ‘Predicated on guidance we have received from the company, we are executing many activities and expect to resubmit the lorcaserin NDA by the end of 2011. As we continue discussions with the FDA to refine components of our plan, we might identify ways to shorten this timeline.

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