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The Randox platform is easy to use and offers excellent performance on the reproducibility and sensitivity. Controls and calibrators controls and standards, this system is already used in major hospitals throughout the world the the cytokine storm .

Both SARS and avian influenza have shown evidence of cytokine storms and doom, but the human-human infection has been contained. In contrast, the H1N1 swine flu from person to person from person to person, and according to CNN, has spanned 21 countries, which 26 deaths and 1117 confirmed cases .Deliberately self-harm without intent, injure oneself is called Nonsuicidal to violate yourself? or NSSI. Is estimated 14 percent to 24 percent of teenagers and young adults attack at this behavior, the study says. NSSI to also relations with challenge, psychological health symptoms and risk of suicide and death, presented the study. Joint forms of self – personal injury includes blades, burning, recording and embedding objects for pain or harm is caused.

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