China downplays new bird flu fears Updated 9:34 a.

The overwhelming most human being deaths from bird flu have been caused by the more virulent H5N1, which decimated poultry shares across Asia in 2003. The World Health Organization is ‘carefully monitoring the situation’ in China, regional company spokesman Timothy O’Leary stated in Manila. ‘There is evidently no evidence of human-to-human transmission, and transmitting of the virus appears to be inefficient, the chance to public health seems to be low consequently,’ O’Leary said. China officials mum on rivers of lifeless pigs Genetics may explain so why some Chinese strike harder by flu Bird flu infects three in Cambodia, killing two One of the two men from Shanghai, who was 87, became ill on Feb.Curiously, these problems have just been reported in case reports and little research has been executed on them – – therefore they don’t arrive as a big red flag in the ‘medical literature.’ However, based on the Canadian scientists, human brain related problems associated with the medication include delirium, gait and tremors disturbances. Another recent research released in the British Medical Journal, implies that the elderly are especially at risk if they take trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole if they’re already on the medication known as spironolactone for center failure.