Charter Communications.

Neither of the parties endorse or recommend any commercial products, services, or equipment.. Charter Communications, Spherix reach contract to dismiss actions filed on Jan 17, 2014 Spherix Incorporated – – an intellectual property development company committed to the fostering and monetization of intellectual real estate, today announced that Spherix and Charter Communications, Inc., Wideopenwest Finance LLC a/k/a Wow! Internet, Cable & Phone, Knology, Inc., Cequel Communications, LLC, d/b/a Suddenlink Communications, and Cable One, Inc., filed a joint stipulation of dismissal in the action filed on January 17, 2014.36 St. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33319. The Broward County Wellness Department will host what’s officially called the WHENEVER WE Know Better, We Perform Better city hall meeting together with the Broward Wellness, Community Access Middle Fort Lauderdale, Broward Institutions and the BAI. The city hall meeting will concentrate on a new research about the HIV Workforce Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs Study made by the BAI, the Latino Commission on Helps, the National Alliance of Condition and Territorial Helps Directors , and Janssen Therapeutics, Division of Janssen Items, LP. The analysis found that a lot of the nonmedical HIV/Helps workforce is not really acquainted with the brand new biomedical interventions plus they are insufficiently proficient in how and when they must be used.