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A patent can be an intellectual property right granted by a federal government to an inventor to exclude others from producing, using, offering for sale, or selling the invention for a restricted time in exchange for open public disclosure of the invention when the patent is normally granted. Soybean is among the most valuable and broadly planted row crops in the world. From 2003 to 2013, the amount of acres planted increased 2.4 percent annually, today to 275 million acres, according to the Agriculture and Food Firm of the US. Soybeans are used for oil, feed for livestock and aquaculture, as a biofuel feedstock and as a proteins for the human diet..‘Whenever we watch animals foraging for meals in nature, we’ve to ask, are they going to the supermarket or are they going to the pharmacy?’ Hunter stated. ‘We can learn a great deal about how to take care of parasites and disease by watching other animals.’ Much of the ongoing work in this field offers focused on cases where animals, such as for example baboons and woolly bear caterpillars, medicate themselves. One recent research has suggested that home sparrows and finches add high-nicotine cigarette butts to their nests to reduce mite infestations. But less attention provides been directed at the many cases in which pets medicate their offspring or other kin, regarding to Hunter and his colleagues.