Caution that fake Amazon. book reviews faked Several leading British authors has published a letter in The Daily Telegraph, caution that fake Amazon here .com reviews by self-promoting authors might be widespread. The letter emerged after RJ Ellory, a best-selling crime article writer, admitted to faking online book reviews. In posts under the names ‘Nicodemus Jones’ and ‘Jelly Bean,’ Ellory wrote five-star evaluations of his own books, contacting his award-winner A Quiet Belief in Angels a ‘modern masterpiece.’ ‘Ignore all the dissenters and naysayers, this book isn’t trying to end up being anything other than a great story, told brilliantly,’ he wrote.

It is produced by the drug business Novartis, which obtained it from the Hebrew University's technology transfer company, Yissum. Prof. Weinstock-Rosin may be the co-developer also, with Prof. Moussa Youdim of the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, of Ladostigil. During its advancement Prof Weinstock-Rosin discovered that at low dosages Ladostigil prevents mind degeneration and storage impairment in aged rats. The drug is currently undergoing Phase II medical trials in Israel and Europe for the prevention of Alzheimer's disease.. Alzheimer’s drug pioneer to be awarded Israel Prize for Medicine Prof. Marta Weinstock-Rosin developed blockbuster medication Exelon at Hebrew University's School of Pharmacy Israel's Minister of Education Shai Piron provides announced that the Israel Prize for Medication will be awarded to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Prof.