Caterpillar fungi might benefit asthma patients By Helen Albert.

Caterpillar fungi might benefit asthma patients By Helen Albert, Senior medwireNews Reporter Research shows that cordycepin, extracted from a group of uncommon parasitic caterpillar fungi of the genus Cordyceps, has unusual anti-inflammatory properties that may make it an excellent candidate for treating circumstances such as asthma and arthritis rheumatoid. The investigators, led by Cornelia de Moor , found that cordycepin, which is similar in structure to adenosine, inhibits the stimulation of inflammatory messenger RNAs by cytokines secreted by soft muscle tissue cells in the individual airway, but will not affect the expression of housekeeping mRNAs. We’ve shown that cordycepin decreases the expression of inflammatory genes in airway easy muscle cells by acting on the final part of the synthesis of their messenger RNAs which carry the chemical substance blueprint for the formation of proteins sildenafil strips .

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