CAS Medical awarded two new U.

The new patents cover areas of the FORE-SIGHT individual sensor design and laser beam safety system, and also the algorithm method used by the FORE-SIGHT gadget to allow for an absolute measurement. ‘Our research and development group has produced great strides in the advancement of this device, and the receipt of two even more patents for technology found in FORE-SIGHT is an essential milestone and highlights our solid IP position,’ mentioned Louis P. Scheps, President and CEO of CAS Medical. ‘Our objective is to keep to pursue the issuance of patents to enable us to increase the value of the innovative technology found in this compelling device. We think that our recent achievements, in conjunction with the launch of the FORE-SIGHT item at the end of this year, will continue to propel the business’s future growth.’..I don’t know what this model does, but some of my customers are as skinny as these young ladies, says Marisa Sherry, a fresh York-based nutritionist specializing in eating disorders. My customers are restricting or purging to get their bodies that method. Sherry says unrealistic style images on television, publications and the Internet are having a poor effect on her customers. She did not single out America’s Next Top Model. As many as 10 million Us citizens are struggling with eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia now, according to the National Eating Disorder Association. During the past, America’s Next Best Model offers elevated plus-sized models like Tocara and Whitney Thompson. Tyra Banks herself has been ridiculed to be both too thin and too heavy .