Carotenoids are naturally-occurring yellow and red pigments within plants.

Man sticklebacks need carotenoids to produce the crimson throat patch that they develop in the breeding season and screen to females. Dr Thomas Pike, researcher in Environmental and Evolutionary Biology at Glasgow University stated: ‘Males given fewer carotenoids still attempted to produce a bright red throat patch, but could only do so by diverting carotenoids from their role as antioxidants; so by trying to appear as good as possible, these males aged faster. ‘It seems that females can tell if males haven’t consumed many carotenoids, if they do look quite red even, and probably found these males less attractive because these were more likely to die before that they had finished looking after the young,’ said Dr Pike.’ ‘The most brightly coloured men often get the lady, but why females choose such show-offs was not clear,’ said Dr Jon Blount, Study Fellow at the University of Exeter.This right time, NIH and Meals and Drug Administration scientists examined the bloodstream of 37 chronic exhaustion patients and again missed XMRV – but instead they found a group of closely related bugs called MLV-related viruses in 86 % of the instances. Testing of 44 healthy blood donors, on the other hand, found proof those viruses in nearly 7 %. Various viruses have already been linked to chronic fatigue through the years only to fall by the wayside as potential culprits in the mystical illness thought to afflict about 1 million Americans. It’s seen as a at least half a year of severe exhaustion, impaired memory and various other symptoms, but there’s no check for it no specific treatment.