California survival company selling underground doomsday bunkers with kitchens.

And in the event that an evacuation from the tube is prudent, shelter residents have access to both a front side and back entry for easy get away and entry. ‘All our shelters possess get away tunnels with concealed hatches and mud areas with a lockable, laser trim interior door at the bulkhead,’ writes Atlas Survival Shelters about the pipe on its website. ‘The escape tunnel and invert hatch will assurance that you always have a second way to avoid it of your shelter in case a tornado dumps particles on your own main hatch.’ According to the ongoing company, any client that buys a shelter may also receive 10 acres of free of charge land in a 100,000 acre secret advancement in the Arizona desert.The federal Centers for Disease Control says 574 people from 27 says and Puerto Rico have been sickened since the outbreak started in 2013, leading to increasing pressure from food safety advocates for a recall or even an outright shutdown of Foster Farms services. Bill Marler, a Seattle lawyer who specializes in class-action food-protection lawsuits, commended both Foster Farms and the USDA for ‘doing the proper thing for food safety.’ ‘Recalling product is both embarrassing and hard, but is the right thing to do for your visitors,’ Marler said.