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Axion CHS and Wellness to deliver Workforce Crisis Preparedness and Response applications Axion HealthTM Middle. We believe the launch of the brand new ReadySet Pandemic Plan could not have arrive at a far more crucial time because the 2009 flu period approaches and the country braces itself for the resurgence of the H1N1 flu virus. By partnering with CHS, a global class clinical company, we can assure our robust ReadySet technology provides integrated, compliant scientific solutions at their fingertips click here .S.

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Record product sales. The analysis by research associate Declan Patton and associate professor Dr. Andrew McIntosh, from the educational school of Risk and Safety Sciences at UNSW is published in the British Medical Journal.. Avoid headbanging injury by switching to Celine Dion? Australian researchers have issued a warning on the subject of the chance of ‘head-banging’ that is usually connected with heavy-metallic music. The experts from the University of New South Wales state followers who enjoy head-banging put themselves vulnerable to head and neck accidents and they advise enthusiasts to either put on a protecting brace or change to slower tempo music.