But the publisher has discovered itself embroiled in a scandal involving Kevin Folta.

Take the case of Jennie Rothenberg Gritz. She’s the author of a remarkable story on alternative medication. You can get it here. It’s called The Evolution of Alternative Medication and it’s a really middle-of-the-road piece that essentially says doctors have become more complementary in their practice of medicine, combining conventional drugs-and-surgery approaches with more holistic therapies like acupuncture. To its discredit, however, the story quotations sleazy vaccine pusher Paul Offit heavily, a broadly hated puppet of Big Pharma who routinely violates ethical standards by neglecting to say how he earnings from vaccines when he’s interviewed on vaccines. Offit is the same vaccine quack who claimed the toxic metal aluminum is good for babies and should end up being injected into them.D) Lymphoma is certainly a malignancy of the lymphatic system cells that derive from bone marrow. E) Myelomas are cancers of specific white blood cells that produce antibodies. VI. Viruses & Tumor: – Many viruses infect humans but only a few infections are known to promote human cancers. Included in these are both DNA retroviruses and viruses, a type of RNA virus. Viruses associated with cancer include human papillomavirus , hepatitis B , Epstein-Barr virus , individual T-cell leukemia virus ; and, most likely, a herpes virus called KSHV .