But as spring ushers in sports such as basketball.

Ankle sprain season – tips for prevention March Madness awakens many amateur Michael Jordans from their wintertime hibernation, as milder weather beckons them to dribble straight down driveways and shoot three-pointers in the recreation area. But as spring ushers in sports such as basketball, baseball, soccer and tennis, it brings a active time of year for foot and ankle surgeons: ankle sprain period. Ankle sprains are one of the most common sports accidental injuries article . Among NCAA basketball players, ankle sprains rank as the main injury suffered by men and women. Anyone who injures an ankle requires prompt treatment, whether it’s the 1st sprain or the fifth.


Another thing to increase the fright list – a killer summer for Britain! As the Met Office in London are predicting that average British temperatures in July and August this season could possibly be unusually high, with potentially devastating consequences, the British Government has acted to combat a tragedy that they experience could threaten a large number of lives – a hot summer time. The Department of Health published an information leaflet Yesterday, called Heatwave, informing Britons how to protect themselves from the heat. Sir Liam Donaldson, the principle Medical Officer, says the leaflet is designed to provide the public with commonsense precautions that can help people to benefit from the climate while safeguarding themselves from the harmful, and potentially fatal, effects of these temperature ranges.5C, was set in Kent.