Broad coalition of industry.

Regarding to CongressDaily, in the letter the coalition cautioned against waiting for the uncertainty of the priorities of a fresh administration to move legislation pending in both chambers that already has wide support from Democrats and Republicans. The coalition said it believes that wellness it will spur improvements in affected individual care access and quality, reduce errors and spend less. Furthermore, the bills include methods to provide financial incentives to healthcare providers who switch to a health IT system and also would offer education about health IT and offer patient personal privacy and data protection protections. The proposed health IT bills in the Senate and House have rankled personal privacy advocates, despite provisions to protect security and privacy, CongressDaily reports.The goal of the alliance is definitely to avoid the nationwide upsurge in childhood obesity and to take bold, innovative steps to greatly help all small children live longer and more healthy lives. Childhood obesity is one of our nation’s leading wellness threats. Today, about 12 million kids are overweight, and 12 million more are in risk of becoming obese. The obesity epidemic is clearly taking its toll, as more and more kids are developing circumstances and diseases typically connected with adults. ‘If obesity among children continues to improve, this current era of young people can be the first generation in American background to live shorter lives than their parents,’ said Joe San Filippo, chairman of the American Cardiovascular Association, Great Rivers Affiliate, panel of directors and chief wellness strategist, Nationwide Better Health.