BIS-related research covers a broad range of applications for BIS monitoring.

BIS-related research covers a broad range of applications for BIS monitoring, including initial outcomes from studies conducted within a comparative effectiveness analysis collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic as well as findings from a report evaluating usage of a Composite Variability Index that is based on BIS parameters here . Element Medical Systems, Inc. will also present a comprehensive category of BIS monitoring systems, enhanced BIS education and simulation technology and the brand new LiDCOrapid advanced hemodynamic monitoring system. This includes research that focuses on identification of specific intraoperative events and interventions that are connected with adverse individual outcomes.

‘Women get cardiovascular disease a little later on and cancer just a little later,’ he said. ‘So while it’s beneficial in both, the recommendations are starting it just a little in women than in guys later.’.. Aspirin linked to ‘dramatic’ cancer reduction Long-term cancer prevention may be as easy as going for a dose of aspirin nightly. A new study from Queen Mary University in London concluded that 75 to 80mg of aspirin a day significantly lowers the chance of cancer. If taken for 10 years, bowel cancer cases decreased by 35 % and deaths from the condition by 40 %, according to the research. The chance of esophageal and belly cancers are reduced by 30 %. Health How low-dosage aspirin could help ward off malignancy A new study finds that taking a low-dosage aspirin a day can help reduce the threat of developing pancreatic malignancy, among the deadliest types of th.