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Jon Baron, president of the Coalition for Evidence-Based Plan, and Ron Haskins, senior fellow at The Brookings Institution, will discuss the opportunities for and problems of using evidence on cost-effective applications to optimize benefits for children, family members, communities and the nation in a tight budgetary weather. The Wicked Problems Institute series is structured by the UNC College of Social Work and the Children’s Home Society of America, a nationwide network of voluntary kid welfare agencies. Tag Testa, Spears-Turner Distinguished Professor, and Jack Richman, the school’s dean, are spearheading your time and effort. The Chapel Hill leg of the series can be sponsored by the school’s Jordan Institute for Family members.The option of new, convenient, and flexible treatment options is important for individuals whose lives are burdened by persistent pain, a debilitating condition that impacts more Americans than diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancers combined, stated Richard L. Rauck, MD, Director of Carolinas Discomfort Institute, in a news release. Belbuca provides a unique approach for chronic pain management, combining the proven efficacy and established security of buprenorphine with a novel buccal film delivery system that adds convenience and flexibility.