Associate Professor Gardiner hopes to alternative therapies to alternative therapies for malaria

Associate Professor Gardiner hopes to alternative therapies to alternative therapies for malaria. The problem with current anti-malarial drugs is that they are against the person they react, what too often severe side effects read more . More knowledge about the parasite means we develop drugs that are more specific, and therefore less likely to act to people, said Associate Professor Gardiner. The prevention and treatment of malaria is becoming increasingly difficult due to the global spread of resistant parasite resistance has all the currently available antimalarial drugs and an effective vaccine for many years seemed removed if we do not maintain that edge against these parasites, with the introduction of new and effective drugs, the global death toll from this man infection deadly parasitic only continue to grow. .

Associate Professor Gardiner and his team are exploring the structure of this enzyme, and this latest research helps us understand how it works and what drugs would be appropriate on on this enzyme, killing the parasites. Using X-rays the way we were able to work, we also see the enzyme compounds added in order to block the action of the enzyme, and was without the enzyme, for malaria. Parasite no more no more .

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