As the national government continues to turn off family farms.

And for Quail Hollow Farm in Nevada, it meant being ordered to dispose of hundreds of pounds of farm-clean food. Even bake sales, lemonade stands, and various other neighborhood-based food events attended under elevated regulatory scrutiny in recent years, which in 2011 prompted the formation of an inaugural ‘Lemonade Independence Day’ protest to say the right of Americans to freely choose their own food without having to first get authorization from Big Brother. ‘Recently, bureaucrats and law enforcers have turn off lemonade stands for devoid of permits or licenses,’ wrote the event’s organizers on their internet site, echoing the sentiment of many others who have been targeted using related tactics. Make sure to read the complete released excerpt from Gumpert’s book here: You can also check out his book for more information about the ongoing war against food freedom in the us today:..Shepherd can be a medical oncologist at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto and professor of medication at the University of Toronto. Lung tumor is one of the most common forms of cancer world-wide, and may be the leading cause of death from cancers in North America. Non-small cell lung cancers is the most common kind of lung cancer, accounting meant for a lot more than 80 per cent of all full cases. An estimated 22,200 Canadians will be identified as having lung cancer this full year. Related StoriesVarubi authorized to prevent delayed phase chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomitingResearch displays link between lack of RB proteins and long-term survival prices in lung tumor patientsMultigene check performed on tumor can determine breast cancer individuals who can properly avoid chemotherapyIn the analysis, 242 patients with stage Ib or II non-small cell lung malignancy whose tumours have been totally removed received a 16-week course of vinorelbine and cisplatin soon after surgery.