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Todd Cancers Institute at Long Seaside Memorial INFIRMARY and Miller Children’s Hospital Granted Authorization for Proton Therapy Project Proton Therapy Center PROVIDES Southern California Cancer Patients Greater Access to Advanced TREATMENT PLANS The Todd Cancers Institute at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and Miller Children’s Medical center today announced it has been granted acceptance to proceed with the architecture and engineering because of its proton therapy middle, becoming one of only 13 centers in the united states currently arranging a compact unit. The approval comes due to twelve months of planning approximately, and having a proton therapy center in Long Beach will provide Southern California sufferers with greater access to this new state-of-the-art technology.It provides stressed the option of resources.’ Reasons for the surge are the Us citizens with Disabilities Act, gives mentally ill students the right to be at university, and increasingly sophisticated medicines that enable them to operate better than in the past. Recent surveys and research underscore the scope of the increase. A survey last year by the American University Health Association discovered that 8.5 % of students had seriously considered suicide, and 15 % were diagnosed for depressive disorder, up from ten % in 2000. The Stress and anxiety Disorders Association of America found that 13 % of college students at major universities and twenty five % at liberal arts schools are employing campus mental health providers. Dr. In 2005 December, a magistrate purchased Cho to undergo an evaluation at a private psychiatric medical center after two ladies complained about annoying phone calls from him and an acquaintance reported he could be suicidal.