As Fukushima radiation rages.

• We need not worry about the health effects of common people. Read more estimates from Dr. Fullashita at: Maybe the Olympic athletes will have extra energy! Over a century ago, at the dawn of the age of elemental discovery, mainstream researchers believed radioactive components such as radium provided extra energy to the body. Doctors recommended radiation pills to patients, right alongside mercury supplements for digestive disorders. This is all considered state-of-the-art typical medication, and anyone who attempted to indicate that radiation was bad for you or that mercury was toxic was immediately branded a quack and ridiculed by the scientific establishment.Such compression enables the tissue to be held set up and for the integration of the replacing ligament with the bone via organic healing pathways. The Matryx biocomposite screw encourages bone formation because of the presence of the bone pre-cursor Beta TriCalcium Phosphate, resulting in solid bone reconstruction and integration of the replacing ligament. Matryx interference screws are indicated for smooth cells fixation in ACL and PCL reconstructions. The new smaller sized Matryx screws will be used extensively in double bundle anatomic reconstructions where two small bone tunnels are drilled for the reconstruction of the ligament. The existing larger Matryx sizes are indicated for soft-cells and BTB graft fixation in ACL and PCL reconstructions.