Are You Still CONCERNED ABOUT Your Overweight.

No such significant romantic relationship for total flavonoids was observed in women. However, pooled analyses that examined subclasses of flavonoids, did display some significant reductions in risk for Parkinson’s. The most common way to obtain anthocyanins in the individuals’ diet had been strawberries and blueberries. He, Cassidy and co-workers said they can not rule out these protective results may attended from other compounds, and the findings should be confirmed by other huge epidemiological research and clinical trials now.. Are You Still CONCERNED ABOUT Your Overweight, Here Is The Solution Obesity or overweight is an annoyance in many individuals these full times.Source:.

Caution on cosmetic injections administered in non-healthcare settings Local health departments in Northern Virginia, the District of Columbia and Maryland are investigating an outbreak of serious skin reactions among at least 16 women who have developed the condition after receiving cosmetic injections in October and November 2004. Relating to health officials, the ladies received the shots from a guy who recognized himself as a health care provider from Colombia. He performed the techniques in private homes. The man was not licensed to practice medicine in Virginia, Maryland or the District of Columbia, and it is not known what substance was injected. Suzanne Jenkins, VMD, MPH, Acting Condition Epidemiologist for the Virginia Section of Health, is concerned.